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Neverworld's End
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Born to Die
и снова ДС радует комментами

на выходных Дементору цитировал. Тоже обратил внимание несколько дней назад. Убогие комменты.

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Arjen`s Circle of Trust

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Эксклюзив для нас - Лиза Миддельхауфе выражает свое мнение о сингле Valentine и об альбоме в целом! Вернее, целых пять мнений

Hey my friends! Sergejs asked me for my opinion upon the new XANDRIA single "Valentine". My first impulse was to say: "I love it! It's so awesome!" But then I thought - actually I don't only have ONE opinion. I have 5 of them! So here, true as can be, my 5 reviews. Today exclusively for you!

1.) The fan Lisa:
What a beautiful videoclip! XANDRIA have become much harder, more "Metal" than before. "Valentine" reminds me of Nightwish with Tarja - and I love it! I'm also happy that Manu continued the "black&red" tradition of all the XANDRIA singers. And damn, it was about time that XANDRIA released something. X for world dominationship... finally!!! \m/

2.) The ex-vocalist Lisa:
Well, wow. Mister Has-No-Own-Ideas wanted the first album to sound like HIM, the second one to sound like WITHIN TEMPTATION, the third one to sound like NIGHTWISH. Then we forced him to let the 4th album to sound like XANDRIA (he didn't like it.). The 5th album had to sound like old NIGHTWISH. Mission accomplished. It is a fantastic album - with a total lack of identity. However, it has a high quality. So, why not.

3.) The wife Lisa:
The bass is too silent!!!!!!! But oh, Nils is so handsome. I'm so happy he's wearing the sleeveless shirt in the clip, because so I can see his tattoo. And he was right: the whole band looks more professional than before. He told me that the venue was cold like death, but I don't see it in their faces. Respect! I'm so proud of my hubby! <3

4.) The musician Lisa:
Awesome production, especially the drums and the new guitar sound kick ass big time. Personally I find the bass too silent and the synthesizer/orchestra sounds way to loud, but I guess that's just a matter of taste. Manu's voice is obviously inspired by Tarja and she definitely rocks that style. I see it as a fact that X see themselves in the tradition of old NIGHTWISH now. I guess, a lot of people will like it. For good reason - "Valentine" and the whole album has a very high standard, and X definitely deserve success for it. Only the artist in me shakes her had sadly: Aren't we musicians to create something new...?

5.) The official Lisa:
"Valentine" is a high quality blast! XANDRIA faught themselves onto a new level, and I honestly think that they will be happier this way. I know that we all are tired of the NIGHTWISH comparisons, but at least in one way I see similarities - personally I divide NIGHTWISH in old and new (Tarja/Anette) and I'm pretty sure that the same thing will happen with XANDRIA. I feel X like another band now and it's totally free of any sense to look for the old spirit in the new stuff (or the other way round,... wait, that was silly ;D). Only, I don't think it's too bad. Whenever I had the choice between "staying with what I know" or "risk it!" I always chose option B. And so did X. I do not have to understand or like everything they do - but with their new album they gained my respect. And to be VERY honest: also my envy. Which is a good sign for them, I guess.

YOU SEE - "What do you think about it?" may seem like a simple question. But for me, XANDRIA will never inspire simple answers. Because in the same second I love and hate them, find them awesome and ridiculous and and and. But at the end of the day, I've been given a free will, so I can choose which person I'd like to be. I choose the nice one.

NEW XANDRIA? Buy - or die. XD

(Lisa Middelhauve. The 5-in-1 version.)

oh, i missed my rating: it's 8,5 out of 10

Если кому нужно - могу перевести.

Маленькое дополнение еще:

;P okay - there are two ballads and i only like one of them . the much praised "nomad's crown" has stayed under my expectations (people are going to beat me up when they read it) and though i like the opener a lot, i still think they made it such a long piece of music just to prove they're "metal", and i think 2 minutes of it consist of filling material. good aspects: generallly very good sound, massive (!!!) drums, a very exact use of vocals (straight up to the point!!!) and an extremely diverting songwriting. It feels like it's over in 2 minutes and you press "repeat" - do you know what i mean? ;D

There's something inside me
And I know it's good.
I'm not evil, just misunderstood!..

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       NOW AND FOREVER » F O R U M » XANDRIA » Дискография
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